Headline News: Affecting All US Business Owners Accepting Credit Cards!

Get Free Credit Card Processing Equipment

A free internet merchant account and credit card terminals are a great help to businesses who are planning to use a hybrid model. This model is also called a “brick and click”, meaning there is both a physical store shoppers can walk into and an online store open 24 hours a day. A credit card processing service is crucial for any physical store location. Shoppers often use their credit cards when making purchases, and many no longer carry cash with them.

Physical stores are beneficial because the staff can help shoppers with questions immediately and help them pick out an item. This adds a more personal feeling than a live chat that you would find online. Customers can hold your products and try them on before buying them.

Online stores are necessary for shopper convenience. Not every shopper is willing to travel to a physical location when they can simply make purchases online. Many shoppers might choose your competitors if you do not offer your products online.

A good merchant services provider will help you find ways to cut costs on your business spending. Instead of buying or leasing credit card terminals, there are companies that offer them at no cost. Imagine how easy it would be to conduct your business with free credit card processing equipment. While other companies require you to lease or buy, Total Merchant Services offers these perks for free. Using us can help you save money on your credit card processing business costs.

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