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Total Merchant Services is your trusted Internet merchant account provider, offering the ability to process “card-not-present” transactions via the Internet, mail order or telephone order (MOTO). Take advantage of the fasted-growing segment of credit card use today.

You have many options when you open a free Internet merchant account, such as virtual terminal, or point-of-sale (POS) credit card processing software. You can also manually enter transaction data through a traditional POS credit card terminal. Please browse our selection of POS software and process your customers’ orders quickly and easily.

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Authorize.net Internet Gateway

Total Merchant Services has partnered with Authorize.net to provide our merchants the ability to accept manual transactions via a secure Web site connection, retail stores, MOTO center or wireless device. The nine-step process is fast and simple, starting with submitting a credit card transaction to the Autorize.net Payment Gateway on behalf of a customer and ending with receiving funds. The final step of the settlement process ensures that the transaction funds are deposited into the merchant’s bank account within two to four business days.

Total Merchant Services offers premium Authorize.net services including Automated Recurring Billing (ARB), Web Site Payment Gateway, Virtual Terminal and Batch Upload. Take advantage of these customizable features to improve customer service and loyalty while decreasing authorization declines and additional fees.

Verisign PayFlow Link

Compatible with any Internet merchant account, Payflow Link is a hosted payment gateway service designed to accept online credit card payments by navigating the customer to a safe PayPal page to submit their credit card data and complete the payment. The easy set-up process makes it possible for merchants to create a running website with an automated payment solution in just hours. With the Express Checkout features, buyers complete their orders on your website, not PayPal’s.

Payflow Link is also customizable to your website, meaning that order forms feature your logo or website design. Plus, with Payflow Link’s secure PayPal-hosted Internet payment solution, merchants can offer customers a secure server and utilize it to manage order acceptance, authorization and processing.

Versign PayFlow Pro

Connect your ecommerce site to your current internet merchant account with Payflow Pro. This robust, industry-leading payment solution allows merchants to process credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and more. Payflow Pro also enables your business to enhance the customer experience by allowing buyers the freedom to complete the checkout process without leaving your website.

Offering access to a powerful risk management system, merchants and customers enjoy extra protection features such as transaction processing secured by 128-bit SSL encryption and more. Payflow Pro is flexible and easy to integrate into a wide range of shopping cart types, making it the fully customizable way to receive payments securely.

Plug ‘N Pay

Plug ‘N Pay offers affordable and dependable ecommerce solutions including the industry’s easiest-to-integrate ecommerce gateway. Plug ‘N Pay’s WebXpress Processing Gateway offers complete, plug-in technology without web server or hosting requirements. The WebXpress Processing Gateway features comprehensive payment processing, real-time transaction reports, high-level email management and QuickBooks integration. Plug into new profits and reduce risk with Plug ‘N Pay.

Along with the simplest gateway in the industry to integrate to any website, Plug ‘N Pay offers a large selection of cutting-edge products that allow merchants to increase Internet and point-of-sale profits, decrease fraud and improve customer loyalty. Leading-edge premium products include an easy way to accept e-checks through Plug ‘N Pay’s processing gateway, security tools, shopping cart solutions, coupon management solutions, multi-currency pricing and much more!

PC Charge Pro

Protect your business and meet PCI compliance with PC Charge Pro. A secure payment device for any merchant, PC Charge Pro is powerful credit card processing software boasting advanced features and capabilities. Designed for any Windows PC or laptop, PC Charge Pro offers real-time on or offline processing of multiple payment types including credit cards, debit cards, EBT, check verification, guarantee and check conversion. With enhanced modem support, PC Charge Pro offers user permissions, file important and export, customer database and recurring billing. It is also safe. PC Charge Pro offers CVV2 fraud protection and encrypted database for high security. With robust and customizable reporting features, you will love the PC Charge Pro credit card processing software.

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Network Merchants Inc. ecommerce Payment Gateway

Network Merchants Inc. (NMI) offers an innovative, transparently-branded ecommerce gateway interface that allows companies to accept online payments in real-time with complete control over affiliates, agents and merchants.

Designed for financial institutions, ISOs/MSPs, payment processors and other ecommerce developers, this unique channel of distribution offers a simple to implement private-label program. Affiliate members can easily private label the interface while offering merchant customers with powerful and safe payment processing solutions.

NMI advantages include a large suite of rich features such as instant creditability as a PCI certified gateway processor, a strong support team of software design engineers and programmers and iSpyFraud protection. Incredible NMI benefits also include batch upload processing, electronic check solutions recurring billing and much more. Without competition from the gateway, affiliates can earn substantial residuals.

Payment Jack (Mobile Phone) Card Swiper

Mobile phone processing is now cost-effective for any merchant! Total Merchant Services offers the new Payment Jack program, making it easier for merchants to process credit cards with minimum monthly and processing costs. This secure POS device runs on over 400 mobile phones including the iPhone, Blackberry and Android like a virtual terminal. Merchants can choose a small, pocket-sized attachment on their mobile Smartphones as retail, Card-Present transactions or a cell phone with Data Plan for MOTO, Card-Not-Present transactions.

This exciting offer includes one free card swipe device, free demo swiper and the lowest price point in the industry when utilizing the Nurit 8000 Wireless terminal. Ideal for merchants who process occasionally, a fleet of trucks, taxi cabs and plumbing services. As the world’s first encrypted card reader connected through the audio connection of mobile phones, Payment Jack is the right solution at the right price.

Ecommerce merchant accounts are free through Total Merchant Services. We can help you easily establish such a merchant account and the entire process will take just minutes of your time and you’ll be up and running in a matter of days. No matter how you choose to accept credit card payments, we’ll make sure that you receive the right equipment, software and services that best meet your needs.