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Security Measures to Consider When Using Mobile Credit Card Apps

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Mobile credit card processing is a recent popular technology that allows merchants to process credit cards online. It gave rise during the accession of tablets and smartphones. Information can be entered manually, with an attached swiping device, or simply by taking a picture of the credit card and entering in its 3 digit security code on the back. Transactions can be made wherever you have 3G or 4G or wireless connections. This method is cost effective because it requires much less equipment to purchase. Credit card terminals and imprinting machines are no longer necessary. Mobile apps to process payments can be accessed online. However taking advantage of this technology could pose certain security risks, but if you take the right steps you should be able to accept credit card payments on a mobile device with confidence.

There are some things to consider when determining if the security level of mobile devices is right for your business. The app you’re using needs to encrypt numbers for constituent protection. This means any unauthorized users cannot use the information they obtain from the device because it does not match the cardholder’s actual information. Encryption is a PCI standard and should be adhered to carefully. Failure to meet PCI compliancy means a hefty fine and the denial to process credit card payments for your business. Credit card numbers should just show the last four digits when swiped and the information should not be stored on the hard drive. Thieves are more likely to steal mobile devices than credit card terminals so keep your mobile device in a secure location. Use online merchant account services to ensure the highest security measures.

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