Headline News: Affecting All US Business Owners Accepting Credit Cards!

About Total Merchant Services

Total Merchant Services is a 14-year-old, Colorado-based ISO that offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for merchants that accept credit cards for the payment of goods and services. We facilitate sale transactions carried out with credit, debit, check, and gift cards and currently service over 100,000 merchant clients. Recently passing the $9-billion processing milestone, Total Merchant Services, Inc. (TMS) is one of the fastest growing credit card merchant account acquirers in the nation; over 4,000 new merchants are added to our roster each month.

The impressive scale of our operations grants us the latitude to create an extensive array of savings avenues for all customers — the existing and the new. Internet credit card processing can be a smooth-running component of your daily operations with the right merchant services in place. To help clients reach their goals, we have partnered with bankcard industry leaders; we strive to be in the best position possible to continue providing outstanding services to merchants. Moreover, our firm maintains our sight on the importance of providing excellent customer service. Whether you are a merchant in need of retail, Internet, mobile phone, or wireless credit card processing capabilities, we have the solutions you seek to trust. 

Total Merchant Services is committed to providing a dedicated point of contact for each merchant client. The firm was incorporated in 1996 by Edward “Ed” K. Freedman, who is founder, president, and CEO, and his brother Matthew “Matt” J. Freedman, COO. Merchants rely on TMS for the most effective solutions to merchant credit card terminal requests and online credit card processing solutions.

TMS provides a comprehensive line of payment tools for customers nationwide. We know how to improve your online merchant credit card processing too.

– You can also speak to a Merchant Processing Professional at: 888-848-6821